Songs from the Great Indo European Songbook

Musician / storyteller Stormvogel takes his listeners on a time travel through musical history. Together with reknowned tenor saxophonist Leo Janssen,  improvises on melodies from medieval times and antiquity, intergrating contemporary knowledge and techniques. A timeless project that naturally has one objective that cuts across the others: the key voice that rings in Greek hymne, Hildegard von Bingen, Gregorian chant, Ars Nova, raga and saga, Coltrane and Garbarek. Main feature is the monophonic analog synthesizer KORG MS10, functioning as a medieval portative organ. In 2018 multi instrumentalist and vocalist Wieke Garcia is featured. 

STORMVOGEL  analog synthesizer, piano, keyboards, (cahon, fx, voice)
LEO JANSSEN  tenor & soprano saxophone, (clarinet, flute, recorder)
guest: WIEKE GARCIA  vocals, percussion, cahon, harp, (guitar, gaita, hurdy gurdy)


Wieke Garcia is a half Spanish-half Frysian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. As a youngster she gigged with folk and world fusion acts in the Netherlands and abroad, mainly on ‘la gaîta’ (Galician bagpipes), but also on hurdy gurdy and Celtic harp, guitar and vocals. She studied latin percussion and vocals at the Rotterdam Conservatory and meanwhile developed a unique vocal style, influenced by fado, latin jazz, nordic pop and medieval music. She joined Barditus (Stormvogel) at a very young age, followed by ALTER EGO and BOHEMIAN GROOVE ORCHESTRA, Meanwhile, Wieke became a vast member of the group of famous Dutch theatre artist Herman van Veen. After several years of touring worldwide, she started up her own project, ‘Wieke’s Wereld’, leading to several theatre tours in the Netherlands and the release of her own albums (Tributu in 2011), with the Wieke Garcia Group, re-uniting in 2017. In 2017/2018 she is again touring Herman van Veen. Besides this, she worked with Scallymatic Orchestra, Corvus Corax, Licks & Brains & Eric Vloeimans, Thijs Borsten, Izaline Calister and several reknowned Dutch theatre acts, like Herman Finkers, Veldhuis & Kempers, Ivo Niehe and The Lion King.More info:

Leo Janssen was born in 1960 zuid-Limburg. Age 10 he started in local marching bands and regional brass and woodwind orchestra’s. At the conservatory he studied saxophone and clarinet, among others with tenor saxophonist Ferdinand Povel, one of his main jazz influences. Other inspiring saxophonists are John Coltrane, Michael Brecker, Jan Garbarek and Bendik Hofseth. Besides, Janssen loves traditional music from around the world, next to Bela Bartok, Richard Strauss, Frank Zappa, Hariprassad Chaurasia, Björk and Sting. Janssen is a versitale virtuoso in a great diversity off styles and genres, always playing from the heart, with open mind and in search of the original. Janssen works as a soloist and sideman with Skymasters, Metropole Orkest, Eef Albers, Peter Tiehuis, Marc Scholten, Egbert Derix, Arno van Nieuwenhuize, Thijs Borsten en Stormvogel (Global Alternative Energy Attack GAEA). With his own project ‘Echoes of the Mind’ Janssen brings a mix of “free experiment, individual expression and deep introspection”. In 2016 Janssen released his second album. More info Leo Janssen Group.

Adventurous jazzbarock keyboardist, playing piano and analog synthesizers, also a distinguished composer and poet. With his own groups ALTER EGO JAZZBAROCK CONSORT, GLOBAL ALTERNATIVE ENERGY ATTACK and BOHEMIAN GROOVE ORCHESTRA next to his Festival de Muzen (2006-2015), he earned a name in Dutch Prog Jazz, combining free improvisation with odd meters composition, integrating vintage analog synthesizers and other disciplines of art. He adopted young multi instrumentalist Wieke Garcia in 1994, in his projects Barditus, Eemsaga, Alter Ego and Bohemian Groove. Since 2008 Stormvogel is her vast leading sideman in the Wieke Garcia Group, re-uniting in 2017. Over the years Stormvogel worked with Theodossii Spassov, Tommy Smith (KARMA), Roman Stolyar, Joe Bowie, Niladri Kumar, Chander Sardjoe, Nabil Khemir, Thomas W. Andersen and a range of Dutch jazz & fusion masters like Lucas van Merwijk, Tineke Postma, Eef Albers, Ben van den Dungen, Rob van den Broeck, Jeroen Pek (PWS), Oene van Geel, Arno van Nieuwenhuize and soloists from the Metropole Orchestra like Ruud Breuls, Peter Tiehuis, Marc Scholten, Angelo Verploegen, Bart van Lier and last but not least: Leo Janssen.