BRIEF BIO (english)

Stormvogel with Marc Scholten - photo by - Copyright 2012 Herre Vermeer Fotografie

Stormvogel with Marc Scholten – photo Herre Vermeer

Stormvogel is an ‘Uomo Universalis’, author, graphic artists and adventurous musician. Besides gigging the Dutch scene as an allround jazz pianist, Stormvogel is a versatile jazzrock keyboardist and composer, working wirh relnowned artists from the Netherlands and abroad: Theodosii Spassov, Tommy Smith, Niladri Kumar, Joe Bowie, Nabil Khemir, Roman Stolyar, Chander Sardjoe, Eef Albers, Lucas van Merwijk, Tineke Postma, Ben van den Dungen, Oene van Geel, Jeroen Pek, Onno Witte, David de Marez Oyens, Bart Wirtz, Rob van den Broeck, Wieke Garcia, Phaedra Kwant and SaraLee Vos, also with keymembers from the Metropole Orchestra (Arno van Nieuwenhuize, Leo Janssen, Ruud Breuls, Peter Tiehuis, Marc Scholten, Angelo Verploegen, Bart van Lier) and many others.

One of his main features is the use of vintage keyboards and analoge synthesizers, besides poetry and interdisciplinairy crossover. As a leader and composer, he is the main force behind odd-meter progjazzgroups like Alter Ego Jazzbarock Consort, Bohemian Groove Orchestra and Global Alternative Energy Attack, as well as a yearly progjazz event called Festival de Muzen. He has been a keymember of progressive jazzgroups like PitchWhiteStorm and Onno Witte’s Wildcard, Wieke Garcia Group (worldfusion), Platypus (chamber jazz), Phaedra (popjazz), Leo Janssen Group (Fjørd jazz), Naked Ears and Amsterdelics (funk fusion). Since 2015 Stormvogel works with Tunesian guitarist and ud-virtuoso Nabil Khemir, in Belgium, France and The Netherlands. Accompanied by Leo Janssen, Wieke Garcia or Oene van Geel, Stormvogel improvises with Songs from the Great Indo European Songbook. in 2016 Stormvogel launches High Society Jazz Agency, with Gaby Kaihatu, Peter Lieberom, Marco van Os and Dave van Beek.