Lucas van Merwijk ft. Theodossii Spassov

In 2008, Stomvogel went on tour with Dutch master-drummer Lucas van Merwijk and Bulgarian kaval virtuoso Theodossii Spassov (also featured on trumpet and vocals). The band played a mixture of.Balkan and Latin Music, with elements of western jazzrock. Stormvogel contributed as a composer with ‘Adventures of:Aderik’. In ‘Dance of the Derwisj’ Stormvogel jams with Spassov in a 13/8 measure. From the concert at the BIMHUIS Amsterdam, a DVD remains. Line up: Lucas van Merwijk (drums), Reno Steba (bass) and Martin Verdonk (percussion), Stormvogel (keys) and Theodossii Spassov (kaval, flute, vocals, trumpet).


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