Besides playing jazz and jazzbarock with his own groups, Stormvogel is performing (or has performed) in special projects (progjazz and fusion) as a sideman or special guest as well.

indo-european-songbookSongs from the Indo European Songbook
Improvisations inspired by old music from the Indo European realm (roughly from Iceland to India), including Greek hymns, gregorian chant, medieval and Celtic music, Raga and Saga. Stormvogel (playing piano, analog synthesizer and cajon) introduces the pieces with short stories. With special guests: Wieke Garcia, Oene van Geel, Leo Janssen. Indo European Songbook

Nabil Khemir Quartet Live in Querbes, France 8 aug 2015 18.30

• Nabil Khemir Group
Tunesian singer and lute (ud-)player Nabil Khemir is one of the most famous artists from northern Africa. Since august 2015 he is performing with his new group of Dutch Progjazz-artists in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Suisse and South Africa. His new group with Stormvogel (piano, synth), Onno Witte (drums) and David de Marez Oyens (bass), releases an album soon, striving for a dynamic exchange between Punian jazz of Tunesia with European Impro and World Fusion.

hazel• Marc Scholten’s Blindfold Test
Modern jazz sextet led by Marc Scholten (with Leo Janssen, Angelo Verploegen, Hans Kwakkenaat, Guus Bakker and Florian Hoefnagels), inviting Stormvogel as a guest musician on analog synthesizer. This collective recorded an album ‘Witch Hazel’ in 2015 in Hilversum, which was released at Tivoli/Vredenburg Utrecht in 2016.

Design by Martin Draax• Naked Ears ft. Joe Bowie
Afro funk and jazz fusion group from Amsterdam, founded by Jasper de Beer (bass), Stormvogel (keys) and Gil Lopez (guitar). Naked Ears recorded its debut album ‘Icebear’ with guest star Joe Bowie (USA), known for his work with Defunkt, and Ethiopian singer/dancer Minyeshu. The album was relased at the end of 2014 in Amsterdam, with a special concert in Bethanien Klooster.

wc-2• Onno Witte’s Wildcard
In 2013, adventurous drummer Onno Witte released his second album with his Wildcard, a jazzrock group with Stormvogel (keys), Jeroen Pek (flutes), Volker Winck (sax), Thomas Martens (guitar) and Marco van Os (bass). All compositions are by Onno Witte. Info, bookings and order at
Video onine: Wildcard live in Paradox

Onno Witte's Wildcard• Leonardo da Vintage
Together with the release of his new Wildcard, adventurous drummer and analog synthsizer maniac and fanatic Onno Witte, realizes his lifelong dream by forming an ensaemble of fellow analog synthesizer maniacs and fanatics. Frank Witte, Stormvogel, Remko Kühne, David de Marez Oyens, Borïk Konfederaath. Info at Video onine: Wildcard live in Paradox

afbeelding-51• Platypus Chamber Jazz Quartet
Experimantal chamber-jazz group (semi acoustic, without drums), led by alto saxophonist Marx Scholten (known from the Metropole Orkest). With Bart van Lier (trombone, tuba), Frank Burks (guitars) and Stormvogel (piano, synthesizer and cajon). This ad hoc formation performed at the U-Jazz Festival Utrecht in 2012, broadcasted by VPRO/Radio6.
Info, bookings and order at

Wieke Garcia• Wieke Garcia Group
Stormvogel’s collaboration with half Spanish multi-instrumentalist and singer Wieke Garcia, goes back to the mid nineties, when she joined Stormvogels’ group Barditus at the age of fifteen. After touring worldwide with Herman van Veen, Wieke founded her own group with Stormvogel. Other members are Onno Witte on drums, Marco van Os on bass and Lucas Stam on cello.
Info, bookings and order at

PiychWhiteStorm • PWS II: Layers of Abstraction
Besides touring as a working band, Dutch progjazz quartet PitchWhiteStorm recorded on several days, at several locations, a free abstract electroacoustic quantum physics inspired suite of soundscapes. With Mark Thur (soundscapes) and Oene van Geel (violin/voice). Listen to a blindfold test radioshow with Co de Kloet, Monica Akihary and Ronald Snyders.

VMMM DVD MERWIJK SPASSOV BIMHUIS• Lucas van Merwijk Music Machine
featuring Theodossii Spassov
LVMMM is a yearly theatre tour in the Netherlands by internationally rekowned masterdrummer Lucas van Merwijk. In 2008 a special line up was formed with Stormvogel on keyboards, Reno Steba on bass, Martin Verdonk on percussion and the legendary kaval player(and vocalist) Theodossii Spassov. Spassov is the most famous musician from Bulgary, travelling the world with Trilok Gurtu, Kai Eckhardt, River Dance and others.
Info and DVD order:

PitchWhieStorm• PitchWhiteStorm
(PWS) was founded by reknowned jazz flutist Jeroen Pek in 2006. Inviting progressive keyboardist Stomvogel and adventurous drummer Onno Witte and innovative bass player David de Marez Oyens, PWS recorded and performed in the Netherlands and abroad (Belgium, France and Spain) sometimes with Wito Mahieu on bass.
The album View & the Tales was succesfully released in 2008.

Onno Witte's Wildcard• Onno Witte’s Wildcard
In 2004, adventurous drummer Onno Witte released his first album with his Wildcard, a jazzrock group with Stormvogel (keys), Jeroen Pek (flutes), Peter Lieberom (sax), Marcel Dorenbos (guitar) and Marco van Os (bass). Among the venues were Paradox and Bergen op Zoom Jazz Festival. All compositions were by Onno Witte. Info, bookings and order at