This website ables you to find up to date information about Dutch artist/musician/writer Stormvogel, as well as archives from his past projects. Of course, you can go ad random through the pages, but maybe it’s more efficient to use the search-widget (above) or the sitemap (beneath) to find what you are looking for!

For instance, if you type jazz piano into the search-widgetbox above, you will get something like this:

search example

search example

You can click the subject of your choise.

Underneath each page there is an overview of all pages, that is: scheduled content of this website.

Of course, you could also go to WORKS and scroll to MUSIC then to PERFORMER > JAZZ for results. https://stormvogel.org/works/music/performer/

buttons example

buttons example

The 5 buttons are

    Here you’ll find bio’s, press, quotes, info, guestbook and so on.
    Here you’ll find dates, concerning public affaires (like concerts).
  • BLOG
    If all works out, here will be published a weekly account on reality
    Here you’ll find everything concerning Stormvogel as a teacher, lecturor and educator.
    This is an overview of all the works of Stormvogel, from the past up to now, in the realm of music and text, as well as theatre, graphic art and so on. If you are looking for Stormvogel as a performer, look here (WORKS) > MUSIC and chose PERFORMER > one of the genres you are aiming at. You can also click here

By the way:
Some texts are in dutch, others in english, some in both languages for promotional reasons. Sorry for that!