Stormvogel started to play piano at the age of 10, when his music teacher Majel Lustenhouwer gave him a pile of copies from the Beatles songbook. His mother decided to buy a piano and let him study with Peter Besseling. With his best friend he founded a duo, playing and singing Rhythm & Blues songs from Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Beatles, Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Ten Years After. After seeing Oscar Peterson on TV, he got interested in jazz. His first albums were Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, Errol Garner and a rare tape of Dutch pianist Harry Happel.

When two years after (at highschool), his music teacher Harry Derkx took him to a workshop Analoge Synthesizer in Hilversum, this was a life altering experience. He immediately fell in love with the vintage electronical instruments and started saving money to buy his own. Also the Rhodes piano was on his wishlist. He got fascinated by jazzrock: Miles Davis, Chick Corea (RTF), Mahavishnu, Hammer, Steps Ahead, Pat Metheny, King Crimson, Weather Report, Jan Garbarek, John Abercrombie, Alan Holdsworth and Magma. He also liked balkan, raga and qawali music, besides medieval, renaissance, orchestral music from the 19th and 20th century and minimal music.

In 1986 he started combo’s with Valentijn v/d Griendt, Peter Lieberom and Semmy Prinsen (with whom he started Jazz in Artishock Soest). He studied jazz piano with Carwin Gijsing and later, at Hilversum Conservatory, with Karel Boehlee. He founded his own group in 1988 (Orcustra), practizing his method of modular composing. After a short career as a novellist in literature in 1990-1991 (supported by K.L. Poll and Jan Ritsema), Stormvogel studied medieval music and learned to play the hurdy gurdy. In 1994 he reformed his group into Barditus, with bagpipe-virtuosa Wieke Garcia and on occasion saxophone virtuosa Daphne Balvers. Combining all elements, Stormvogel came up with yearly Mysterieplays, which he realized from 1996 – 2001, in which music, ballet, theatre, art and poetry were integrated into one piece, based on medieval history, old legends, theosophical studies and mystic folklore. Over these years he worked together with Oscar Prinsen (concept art performer), Faut Pas ballet (Germany), Klaas Kloosterhuis, Anne Boree, Simon Drost, Leanne Lawalata and many others.

In 1998 he reformed his group into Alter Ego Jazzbarock Consort, combining jazz, rock and classical music, inviting guests soloists like Chander Sardjoe, Daphne Balvers, Arjen de Graaf and Thijs van Otterloo and Rob van den Broeck. With the latter he formed a duo, improvising on piano, synthesizer and poetry. Around 2000 he was granted with the last MTN SJU Carte Blanche, invited by Henk Meutgeert to compose for the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, nominated for the first Jur Naessens Muziekprijs. Stormvogel started working with drummer Onno Witte (round about 2000) leading to projects, recording sessions, concerts and albums, later on accompanied by flutist/composer Jeroen Pek (2004). Meanwhile, Stormvogel entered the Dutch Jazz scene, soon playing with the finest musicians around like Tineke Postma, Bart Wirtz, Loet van der Lee, Eef Albers, Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, Benjamin Herman, Wiro Mahieu and Ben van den Dungen, Peter Niewerf. Awarded with the first Amer Award (2005), Stormvogel started organizing a yearly progjazz event in 2006 called Festival de Muzen. In 2007 he was granted with the last SJU Carte Blanche, reforming his group with Thomas Winther Andersen, Thijs van Otterloo and Tineke Postma and working with danser/choreographer Vraja Sundari Keilman.

He participated on stage and in studio with Wieke Garcia, Phaedra Kwant, SaraLee Vos, as a keyboardist and producer and was assigned by artists like Alexander Beets, Martin Verdonk, Jeroen Vrolijk, Marc Scholten and Bart van Lier (and others), as a creative sideman. In 2008 he toured with Lucas van Merwijk & Theodosii Spassov (DVD Live Bimhuis) and with PitchWhiteStorm (CD The View & the Tales, CD Four Layers of Abstraction), in the Netherlands and abroad (France and Spain). PWS was expanded with Oene van Geel (violin), Kristina Fuchs (vocals, han) and Mark Thur (soundscapes),  In 2010 he founded the Bohemian Groove Orchestra en reformed his Alter Ego Jazzbarock Consort with reknowned bassplayer David de Marez Oyens (CD The Last Decade), and founded STAB records to relaease his albums. Assigned by JazzNL (Gateway to Dutch Jazz 2011-2012), Stormvogel invited  internationally acclaimed artists like Tommy Smith, Niladri Kumar, Roman Stolyar. In 2015 Stormvogel joined Nabil Khemir (France). With the afro funk rock group Naked Ears he released an album Icebear, featuring Joseph Bowie from Defunkt.