StormHiResStormvogel is a modern jazz pianist, gigging the Dutch jazz scene with his combo’s (Jazz Trio), accompanying reknowned soloists (see the list below) like Eef Albers, Tineke Postma, Ben van den Dungen, Leo Janssen, Ruud Breuls and Jeroen Pek, Stormvogel has been a sideman with saxophonists Leo Janssen, Marc Scholten, Peter Lieberom, Semmy Prinsen, Alexander Beets, next to ‘Ladybirds’ (Dutch Jazz diva’s Gaby Kaihatu, Eline Gemers, Anne Chris, Marieke Snijders, Phaedra Kwant, Wieke Garcia, SaraLee Vos, Saskia Groenenberg and others). Due to his efforts, Stormvogel became one of the driving forces of jazz in Dutch central region. 


Watch & listen to some footage on YouTube
Watch & listen to some footage on YouTube
atch & listen to some footage on YouTube

Stormvogel Jazz Pianist
Stormvogel started playing piano at the age of 9, after seeing Oscar Peterson perform on television. His first tune was Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield (which apparently was a tune by Christian Vander of Magma). He took lessons with Peter Besseling (classical), followed by Carwin Geising (jazz). At the Hilversuym/Amsterdam Conservatory, Stormvogel studied for a short while with Karel Boehlee (jazz) and Jan Koning (classical), before returning to his self-taught status.

His influences are Oscar Peterson, Lennie Tristano, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Cecil Taylor, Herbie Hancock, Bobo Stenson, Keith Jarrett, Lyle Mays, Mike Nock, Joachim Kühn, Rob Madna, Jan Huydts, Rob van den Broeck, Karel Boehlee and Mike del Ferro (who is one of his kinsmen).

Stormvogel played with

Due to his efforts, Stormvogel became one of the driving forces of jazz in Dutch central region. Transforming restaurants in hot spot jazz venues for a day, playing with his trio and inviting recognized players from the Dutch scene like Eef Albers, Ben van den Dungen, Ruud Breuls,  Tineke Postma, Leo Janssen, Peter Lieberom, Bart Wirtz, Benjamin Herman, Loet van der Lee and many others.