Global Alternative Energy Attack

Stormvogel presents: GAEA Global Alternative Energy Attack

Stormvogel presents: GAEA Global Alternative Energy Attack

Global Alternative Energy Attack (GAEA) started in 2012 as an initiative by Dutch adventurous keyboardist Stormvogel. Inviting the finest players from the Dutch fusion and progjazz scene, mainly leading members from the Metropole Orchestra, the group plays “adventurous electroacoustic free jazzrock and vintage impro music”.

Line Up
Inviting some of the finest fusion masters from the Dutch scene, GAEA performs in so called ‘Adventurous Electroacoustic ProgJazz Sessions and Soundscapes. The music is mainly freely improvised, although GAEA also plays some arranged works, composed by Stormvogel and Van Nieuwenhuize.

Gigging the Dutch club circuit, several musicians joined in search for new global alternative energies in music:
• Stormvogel (piano, synthesizers, percussion)
• Arno van Nieuwenhuize (drums, percussion, samplers)
• David de Marez Oyens (bass, ebow, percussion)
• Peter Tiehuis (guitars)
• Leo Janssen (sax, flute, clarinet)
• Ruud Breuls (trumpet, flugel horn).
The participating musicans are without exception virtuose, highly skilled and experienced instrumentalists (mainly from the Metropole Orchestra), who have worked at the highest level in international music for many years. But even more important: they share the same believes about making music and they have similar sources of inspiration; they are open minded and always ready to experiment. These shared believes, similar sources and progressive nature, together, form the quintessence of GAEA. On occasion, this line up is extended with special guest musicians, like Eef Albers (guitar) / Remko Smid Stalenhoef (sax, EWI) / Onno Witte (drums, Orff instruments, synthesizers).

Festival de Muzen 2012
GAEA performed at Festival de Muzen 2012, May 13 at Theater De Lieve Vrouw, Amersfoort (The Netherlands). The performance was enriched by international artists from the Gateway to Global Jazz Conference & Showcase Event (Amersfoort, May 11), like the legendary saoxophonist Tommy Smith. The event, founded by Stormvogel in 2006, was  broadcasted by Dutch national radio VPROJazzLive/Radio 6.