Onno Witte’s Wildcard

A seventies inspired jazzrock project by adventurous drummer/composer Onno Witte. The first album ‘Adventures vol. 1’ was released in 2004 and followed by concerts in the Netherlands (a.o. Stranger than Paranoia Paradox, Jazz in Bergen op Zoom). Line up: Peter Lieberom (sax), Jeroen Pek (flute), Stormvogel (keyboards), Marco van Os (bass), Marcel Dorenbos (guitar), Onno Witte (drums). The second album ‘Adventures vol. 2’ was released in 2013 and followed by concerts in Paradox, Festival de Muzen Amersfoort and East of Eastern Nijmegen. Line up: Volker Winck (sax), Jeroen Pek (flute), Stormvogel (keyboards), Marco van Os (bass), Thomas Martens (guitar), Onno Witte (drums) and the Leonardo da Vintage (all monophonic vintage synthesizer orchestra).

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Onno Witte is an internationally acclaimed drummer and percussionist, working with the finest artists in Dutch and international jazz, fusion, latin and rock, like Rob van den Broeck, Medicamento, Stormvogels Alter Ego Jazzbarock Consort, Jonn Reyna, Jeroen Pek, Ferhan Ottay, Anton Goudsmit, Eef Albers, Jasper Blom, Randal Corsen, Wieke Garcia Group, PitchWhiteStorm, The Bohemian Groove Orchestra and Black Business.. Son of progrock keyboardist Frank Witte and influenced by master drummers of Jazz, Strawinsky, Zappa and Magma, Onno combines adventurous drumming with odd meter and out of the box mentality. He released several albums in the realm of progjazz and jazzrock, besides with his own group WILDCARD, also with PitchWhiteStorm, Pitch Plot 4, Nabil Kemir Group, ALTER EGO JAZZBAROCK CONSORT and BOHEMIAN GROOVE ORCHESTRA. Onno Witte became a member of the Wieke Garcia Group in 2010, re-uniting in 2017. www.owme.com

With Onno Witte, Stormvogel shares a love for analoge synthesizers. Therefore he joins Witte’s Leonardo da Vintage, an unique analoge synthesizer orchestra. The group performed at Paradox Tilburg and Festival de Muzen 2013, featuring Frank Witte (Korg MS10), Borïk Konfederaath (Roland SH3A), David de Marez Oyens (Korg MS10) and Remko Kühne (Mini Moog).