PitchWhiteStorm CD ‘The View & the Tales’



First album by PitchWhiteStorm, Dutch Progjazz

PWS was founded as a special project by Dutch jazz flutist Jeroen Pek in 2006. Inviting Stomvogel and Onno Witte (henche the name PitchWhite Storm), both versatile and highly inspired and energetic Zappa.Magma inspired idiots savant, crazy for the seventies, odd meter and analog synthesizers, Pek organized a kick off in Bourgundy Style.

Between 2006 and 2009, this energetic triumvirate PWS did performances and recordings at the highest level of creativity. In search of a bassplayer, the likes of Wiro Mahieu, Johnny Tevreden, Thomas W/ Andersen and David de Marez Oyens joined in, the latter becoming the main player on the albums and on stage. After the foirst album and some concerts in the Netherlands, France and Spain,a new path was chosen. Free aelcroacoustic madness, refelcted by soundsculpturist Mark Thur, inspired by quantum physics.  This new PWS (Exhange) performed and recorded with collaboration of modern jazz musicians Oene van Geel (violin) and Krystina Fuchs (vocals, han), next to Mark Thur (soundascapes) and Bert Lochs (trumpet). A special kind of progjazz, in which acoustic instruments as well as electronical find their way; it’s also about improvisation next to rigid arrangements; LOL versus “are you serious”?

Jeroen Pek
one of the main voices in European jazz flute music. Jeroen Pek, playing all kind ofl flutes, inan exploring and ecclectialmanner, gigs the European scene with his own group (nowadays with James Gemack on bass). previous he worked with PitchWhiteSTorm and Bohemian Groove Orchestra, (Witte, Stormvogel) performing in the Netherlands and abroad (France and Spain).

Onno Witte
one of the most adventurous drummers of Europe, voted as among the best drummers of the Benelux many times in Dutch media. With Stormvogel, Witte is performing in Alter Ego, Wildcard, Barditus (Wieke Garcia Group), Bohemian Groove Orchestra and Leonardo da Vinatge. With his father Frank Witte (keyboards/flute), Onno is reforming the group of the latter ‘Black Business’. Onno Witte is inspired by the likes of Vander, Barron, Williams, Jones, but in extremis “beyond the kit”, by Strawinsky, Zappa and Raymond Scott.

one of the most adventurous keyboardists, born with a lot of shakti, and with an open mind towards all kinds of boundless efforts to grap the essence. Stormvogel has been performing and recording with Alter Ego, Wildcard, Barditus (Wieke Garcia Group), Bohemian Groove Orchestra and Leonardo da Vintage. Also with Marco Scholten’s Platipus and Blindfold Test, naked Ears ft. Joe Bowie, Phaedra, SaraLee and many more. He is mainly inspired by Christian Vander and John Coltrane.

David de Marez Oyens