PitchWhiteStorm CD ‘Four Layers of Abstraction’

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Second album by Dutch progjazz-group PitchWhiteStorm, led by Jeroen Pek, Stormvogel and Onno Witte. Recorded and released in 2009 at STOW Records (=STAB / OWME).An electro-acoustic soundscpae, consisting of four layers, each recorded at another day at another location, by members and sections of members, without rehearsal or score whatsoever.


• Stormvogel piano, synthesizers, beer glass, voice
• Jeroen Pek flutes
• Onno Witte drums, percussion, voice. recording
• David de Marez Oyens bass, ebow
• Mark Thur soundscapes, devices

special guest:
• Oene van Geel violin, voice